Tuesday, December 06, 2011

day 4 #reverb11

What did you leave behind?

The walker

I am  leaving behind a lot of excess weight.  Actual physical pounds.  My husband has lost considerably more weight than I have.  But, along with the weight - the emotional burdens we have carried for the past few years.  The sense we need to continue forge down this path we have chosen and we are stronger by sharing the road and the journey together.   We are making plans for the future.  We are talking more.  Real talking again.  Not just the kind of needs based conversation to allow for the household to function.   And learning to listen to each other.  It is good.


Lil'M said...


Sarah in Indiana said...

It is good. I first read your first sentence as you were leaving your husband and losing weight--But reading on, I take it you two are losing weight together, as well as forging new bonds.

deb colarossi said...

oh, this is good.
bless you both.

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