Thursday, December 08, 2011

day 6 #reverb11

Accepting defeat.
 between lynden and blaine

This year's #reverb11 in it's revamped format is not really working for me.  I liked the structure last year's topics offered.  This year I can choose to follow whatever prompt I want.  I have not chosen the prompts ahead of time so, I spend WAY too much time figuring out a prompt.  Then I have to write.  It is not working.

It is OK. 

I am busy enough with my own projects.  I have my journal to write deep personal reflections.   Maybe that is all I need to do this year. 

I have 5 days of work left this year.  Crazy.  Good. 

I am wishing for snow.

Check out this new compilation album of Christmas tunes.  I really like the 3rd track.


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deb colarossi said...

Cannot wait to listen! Love the title:)

Your kitchen / baking looks gorgeous and delicious. How did you accomplish both?

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