Saturday, December 17, 2011

I know better

really I do.
over the course of the last 5 months I have become increasingly aware that I am reacting to something that I eat.  it is wheat related.  it is killing me.  well not literally but, holy moly I feel miserable after the consumption of wheat related items.  so don't eat them right?  you would think so.... but NO NO.... I think that maybe just maybe I was imagining my discomfort. 

well NO I was not. 
and it appears to be getting worse.  the more I abstain and then indulge the worse I get.

probably too much to share but, never more than now am I convinced you need to listen to your body.

I have also been doing some reading about the recycling of plastics. 

sewing pyjamas tonight
my daughter has a christmas party.
she curled her hair and looks quite lovely.


elizabeth said...

wheat is sure becoming a problem for many! so glad you are finding out about this but sorry for the discomfort!

love to you.

blackbird said...

You should get tested (after the holidays, perhaps) to see if it is an allergy or not (it could be more) (or less - I don't mean to alarm!).

Victoria said...

arg. it's just sad that so many yummy things are made from wheat.

Mimi said...

I have a Goddaughter with Celiac's, it's a hard road, but when you follow it, you feel SO much better.

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