Tuesday, December 20, 2011

six things on a Tuesday


  • feeling pretty darn relaxed going into the break.  I have a lunch date with a friend tomorrow and while I am out I will grab some last treats for the stockings.  groceries will be done on Friday.   still deciding if we are going to bake cheesecake or not.
  • one of my presents was a chin up bar that fits in your door frame.  totally inspired by Molly - we set it up - the bad news is that I can not do one chin up.  not one.  but, I am committed.  my son can do 5.  he is motivated to do more. 
  • had friends over on Friday night.  it has been ages and ages since we were all in the room together.  I have missed them.
  • I wish I could share with you the most amazing experience we had on our walk.  Behind us we heard hundreds of Canadian geese honking - they came up behind us with a thunder and the sky literally darkened as they passed.  I  keep bringing my iphone to see if I can record it next time. 
  • I have made 6 pairs of flannel pj's.
  • still thinking about my word for next year.  I definitely have a front runner.  But, I am am still open to possibilities.


Victoria said...

6 pairs!! wow. jealous. I have not been able to sew lately. dunno why. cleaned the sewing room, and I go down with a cup of tea, put p&p on, and just sit there. watching. not sewing. not feeling inspired. ah well. everything in it's time I suppose.

Mimi said...

Six pairs, you go!

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