Wednesday, January 25, 2012

day by day

first day at the new location went well.  it will take some time to find my grove and get a feel for everyone's personality.  my office faces a major road and the noise of the traffic is unreal.  I feel like I am sitting on a race track.  It is also lonely and devoid of people.  Before I worked in an open space -  people constantly walking in front of my desk/ tons of interaction.  If I don't leave my office, I don't see people unless they have booked an appointment.  This makes me considerably more efficient as I am not being interrupted but, I am not sure I like it.  Kind of a moot point really because this is where I find myself now.

We had some teen drama in the evening leaving me exhausted and wondering exactly whose life I am leading. 

I miss the folks at Downton Abbey.

But, hey look at this.  Customize your own water bottles.

I found the garland I made last year.  I was very pleased to hang it up in the sun room.

If I were baking desserts these days... this would be the one.

Enjoy your Wednesday


elizabeth said...

some big changes; hang in there; it will come to a new normal and be okay...

Victoria said...

"...wondering exactly whose life I am leading"

oh man. tell. me. about it.

wv: nicend

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