Friday, February 10, 2012

make that seven things on a Friday

  1. Today is my short week.  That means I am not working at my paid job tomorrow.  What I am doing is fundraising.  Collecting and sorting bottles and cans and juice boxes.  All I can say is that it better not be raining.  Then I get to shill donuts on Sunday.  The dance trip is in March.  Until then, every free weekend is taken up with some sort of fundraising activity.  Gah.
  2. Habit has changed its format.  The photos are larger.  And the site continues to inspire me.
  3. Lent is coming. 
  4. We are finished with Homeland.  We are searching for something else. We have to finish the second season of Treme but, it seems to have lost it's allure after the last couple of series we have watched.  I may go back and revisit Breaking Bad.  I'd have to convince my husband to watch it again.
  5. I have been much more disciplined about the exercise this week.  I seem to have hit a bit of plateau.  Because I am short in stature, there is not a lot of wiggle room on the intake side.  I lose weight because I exercise more.  My net intake must be under a certain point.  It is a brutal reality check that I don't require alot of food energy to sustain me.  Woe is me. I'm so woe.
  6. There is something to be said in slaying the dragon/ doing the work/ overcoming the tendency to be sloth like.  Once I am engaged in the battle, I will stand firm but, up till that point it is a brutal mind game.  
  7. This commercial cracks me up.  I showed it to my daughter and she said "but L doesn't watch cable".


Lil'M said...

nice! love the commercial.

if you want bottles etc. we have a very nice collection here. have been waiting for a soccer team or girl guides or something to swing by, but if they will help you guys out? peter drinks a lot of pop... we have about 4 cases worth of cans, not to mention other refundable recycleables (however one spells that).

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Habit is a nice space. It inspires me as well. I'm hoping you are rain-free today.

Victoria said...

:) I am woe.

Victoria said...

that video, btw, is frickin' hilarious.

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