Tuesday, February 14, 2012

recovery day


I am off today.  Glory Hallejuiah.
I needed today to catch up on all the things that got shelved this past weekend.

which is technically my daughter's chore but, she was just as busy as I was this past weekend.
it is a mountain.

but, there is also a novel to read and I will make time to sit.  after I exercise.
and yesterday while I was busy doing errands I found a gift card for chapters so, I popped in and bought myself a copy of S. King's "on writing".  so there is that too.

we made cookies.  and I am gambling on the sun making another appearance.
happy tuesday.  may we all find some chocolate if we don't eat sugar cookies.


Lil'M said...

great image of the cookies!
glad you got some time to yourself; there's nothing more refreshing than catching up!!

Mimi said...

Enjoy the cookies and the holiday :)

Victoria said...

I get the stink eye whenever I choose to make cookies anymore.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

This looks to be a very good day. Enjoy the cookies and the reading. I have a mountain to attack today...

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