Thursday, March 29, 2012

in which my wee babes turn 17

several images of cake.
sour cream poppyseed
with wheat - but worth it

each invited a friend
a good dinner

teens in the hot tub
did I mention the neighbour thought we were too loud at 5pm in the afternoon
we said we would try and keep our voices down

the neighbour built a fence.


Victoria said...

awww. your wee babes are not so wee anymore.
I found some pictures of their 5th birthday party today. oh man. seriously, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? over ten years, just gone in a flash! frick. now I sound like my mother.
but happy birthday to your lovely ones, who are not always lovely, but who you always love nonetheless. :)

elizabeth said...

Many years and all of the hope and light that somehow is ours because of Pascha.

Cake looks gorgeous; love the cake stand also. love to you.

ps: got your email; thanks.

Donna Farley said...

Happy birthday to the two of them!

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday! Many Years!

Lil'M said...

Many Years!
Many Years!

one for each 'babe'

they are fortunate to have such a speical mom to make such wonderful things for them <3

Deb Colarossi said...

Happy 17 years to you Mama!

I like that the images are soft and fuzzy. We must do this with reality ... add grace to it.

( she says as she just 'yelled' at her very own 17 year old. :))

myn said...

happy life to your babies!! they are wonderful people. which means the people who made them must be equally, if not more, wonderful.

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