Saturday, March 03, 2012

the plans

  • last minute prep for my daughter's trip.  she needs US cash.  and clean clothes.  she is in charge of the clean clothes.  and finding things that are missing.  batteries for the camera.  would be nice if we could locate the usb cord so we could upload the photos upon her return... but, that might be asking too much for this weekend.
  • dropping off more resumes as the hockey season winds down.  both of my teens work in the concession at the local arena... and their hours drop off considerably.  they both want more consistent work in the summer.
  • driving practice
  • exercise - not sure what the heck happened this week but, it has been a struggle for me and my routine has been upended and I want it back
  • photography.  I really.  Need.  To Take.  Some Photos!
  • Library books need returning.
  • Groceries.  We have a few essentials that are very close to bottom of the barrel.  
  • Flowers.  I feel the need to have some fresh flowers. 
  • dodge rain drops

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elizabeth said...

with all that has happened lately, I can imagine that some of your schedules are thrown off. love to you.

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