Friday, April 06, 2012

a nod given

Wine, stories and friendship

This photo was taken by my husband.  I love how he sees through the eye of his cameras.  This was a birthday celebration of a dear friend.  Good conversation.  Excellent food.  Our socializing has been greatly reduced these past couple of years.  Our children have all gone down different paths and are busy.  We don't have big family gatherings anymore.  Usually just the adults get together - and then it becomes difficult to coordinate a time where we can all meet and forgo other family obligations... like driving one's children to their place of employment or dance rehearsals... You know.

But, I do love my friends.  They are rocks that ground me.  They remind me that I am not on this journey by myself.

It is a statutory holiday today.  Good Friday.  Pascha is one week behind this year.  So, we are just entering into Holy Week.  Tomorrow is Lazarus Saturday.   Then church every night till Saturday.  Time changes now.  It is all about preparation.  Jars and tea lights to be gathered.  Red and purple flowers for Friday.  White for Saturday.  Do we get a garland or not?  Are we going to find white tulips or not.... there is a sense of chaos and quiet at the same time.  I have slowly learned to embrace both.


elizabeth said...

friends are such blessings. I am so glad this coming week is Holy Week. Thank God.

Mimi said...

Friends are a true blessing indeed.
A blessed Holy Week to you and yours.

Lil'M said...

See what you said about friends here? That's what I'm talking about in my post... except you have a solid foundation whereas mine is very sandy...

blackbird said...

It looks like a lovely time.

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