Friday, April 27, 2012

weekend sort of

Hannah's flowers
post wisdom teeth removal
one week ago
she is doing just fine - jaw still a little tender but as I said "a trooper"

If I look off into the distance I see some blue sky
Clouds parted for a time yesterday afternoon and the sun shone.
More sun planned for Saturday.
This is a big deal.

Working on our party invitations.
Missed seeing a friend last night.
Taxes filed.
Hoping to have a productive day of work today.  Head down and plow through the paperwork.

Thankful for the friends in my life - near and far.
It is my mum's birthday today.  And my sister's too. 


elizabeth said...

many years to Mom and Sister.

Love the photo and the white cupboards.

Fitra2009 said...

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