Wednesday, August 01, 2012





sunflowers from down the road
an early morning 365 shot grabbed en route to pick up coffee....

apple orchard in the okanagan
quick trip home to see the folks and pickup 40 lbs of cherries and a crate of peaches
the cherries will be consumed fresh
the peaches maybe
maybe we will make a pie

lunch on the Naramata Bench at Hillside Winery
it was not only delicious but beautiful and numerous shots were taken of our meal with my med format camera only to discover that I had replaced my colour film with black & white
my disappointment was huge as I saw all the shots in colour and did not compose in contrast mode
we shall see
we shall see

while we were away the mice played.
so we are dealing with that

summer school is over
august is here
laurie halse anderson is hosting a write 15 minutes a day starting today which I will participate in

we are eating blueberries
we have seen a few movies

the best magazines are about to hit the stands
we are heading into a long weekend and the weather should hold

work is good


elizabeth said...

too bad about the pictures;
so glad work is good;
so glad to hear from you.

Victoria said...

ah! have missed you.

Lil'M said...

sounds like a good stretch.

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