Sunday, September 09, 2012

football weekend and an update


Saturday was a great day - full of football!  Both my teams were winners which makes the games that much sweeter.   It was also a day out of the house.  So, nothing got done.  No chores.  Nada.  Zip.  Nothing. 

Today we will stay close to home - liturgy and then home to make some turkey chili.  And laundry and some general organization is required.

Met another person who is all about fitness is the key to anti-aging.  Let's be clear.  I am not against aging but, I do want enter the next phase of my life in the best physical condition I can be.  It is the best preventative medicine you can buy.  I am inspired by these women and I am also taking it as a sign of encouragement from the universe.  Get busy. 

My grade 12's are settling in.  Courses selected and confirmed.  So far everyone seems to connect with their teachers - which is more than half the battle where my son is concerned. 

I finished the Dovekeepers.  Next up is Gone Girl.  I have ordered several of the books nominated for the Giller Prize. 

Had a distressing dream.   Normally my anxiety is in the immediate now.  Things that are happening right now.  But, this was a dream about the future and the uncertainty of what our lives will look like 10 years from now.   Finding the balance in living in the present and knowing there are no guarantees in life, but being conscious of the choices we make now will impact our lives later on...

Finished watching Breaking Bad.   We are all caught up now.  Brutal good television.   We have got nothing on our list of things to watch next.  Read two promising reviews of The Master and Argo which I am keen to see but, other than that if you have suggestions send them my way.

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