Friday, October 26, 2012


pretty happy to see Friday roll around
today will be busy and tomorrow I am volunteering at an event till noon and then I am free
tonight there is a football game 
my teens have their own plans
it is like that 
we rarely see them on the weekends
between work and friends their own lives are full
booked sunday night as movie night at home
in my new life Christmas is coming 
wrap your head around that 
by the time you'all get to planning and celebrating we will be done with Christmas and moved on to the next project
yesterday was a beauty of a day 
sunshine and bright skies
little reprieve from the grey
I soaked it in 

have I mentioned I love the internets
downton abby season 3
on yeah baby
thanks Anna 


elizabeth said...

goes so fast, the kids...; sounds like you are finding your groove at work; still finding my new routines here...

Victoria said...

missed you today.

bummer bum bum.

Lil'M said...


am still finishing up on my birthday... preparing for a few more.
Christmas rests in the back of my head... perhaps it will stay there this year?

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