Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Crazy skies

crazy day
another earth quake on the west coast, hurricane sandy on the east coast
solidifying in my daughter's mind the Mayans might be on to something
I had to walk away from the news feed and put my phone down 

they are filming a movie next door and the crew are parking in our driveway
our parked jetta was hit at the school and has sustained some fairly significant damage
the visuals from out east are devastating
thinking good thoughts and prayers for my friends out east

end of the month
we are going to skip Halloween this year


Lil'M said...


TeresaAngelina said...

On Dec 21, my office is having an "End of the World" potluck. The idea being that we must all bring the most fattening, artery clogging foods possible since if we're going to kick it anyway, we may as well be well and happily fed.

Victoria said...

yeah, we're skipping halloween this year too. we're spending it at the gym. besides, the trickortreaters drive the dog mental.

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