Sunday, October 21, 2012


from yesterday
the rain is back 
there is a slight wind - I am hoping for more
inside chores slated for later
liturgy first 
delivery of apple cake
a visit to the inlaws to try on a few hand me down sweaters 
family dinner 
it has been a long time since we were all at table together
christmas lights were hung 
and now the constant challenging of when can we turn them on
and the games that are played, the sneak attacks
and somehow I am in the place that if this is the only challenge with my teens right now then so be it 
turn the lights on 
I think I need some flowers in my house 
apple blackberry crisp was made and consumed
I burned the applesauce
another football game was won
we skipped the movie because we were too tired
I want to knit another cowl


elizabeth said...

thanks so much for your comments - a joy to receive them. YAY for liturgy, yay for baking, yay for all the good things; may they deepen in us...

TeresaAngelina said...

Not that you've opened this to a vote, but, if you did, I'd vote for turning the lights on now. I've seen a few already and they fill me with joy. I'm knitting dish cloths. Don't know how to do anything else yet but knit/purl but little by little. Kinda like the life in Christ. Oh yes, back to the lights - let them shine for hearts like mine who take joy in them. (Though granted I do not have to pay the hydro bill attached to, thank you if you do doubly.)

Victoria said...

can you teach me how to knit a cowel?

yeah, I'm with TA on the lights. if you're doing halloween w/carved pumpkins and such, no matter.. they'll sit outside, but the twinkle lights will sparkle at you inside.

just do it!

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