Sunday, November 18, 2012

17-18th evening skies

Evening skies

this was last night
after a dark and stormy day the clouds opened just enough to let some evening light appear

all of sudden it got edgy and testy at home
I think I figured out why my right hip and heel are aching

today should be a day of rest
yet all I see is an overwhelming list of things to do before Monday.
why can't my kids remember to bring their housekey with them
instead they enter through the downstairs windows - bending the screens - invariably making them useless in keeping out critters.

best just get on with it


TeresaAngelina said...

I saw the sky! I drove toward it and then under it...double rainbow after a day sloshing around the city at the East Van Cultural Crawl. Re: no keys. When we were younger, my sister and I often had to deal with that very thing. I was the door opener after she - again - forgot her key. She'd throw pebbles at my second story window and down I'd come to let her in...again. One night I slept more deeply than usual as her pebble tossing did not reach my ears. Our dad found her - in her grad ballgown - curled up in the back seat of his car when he left for work in the wee hours himself. Escorted his eldest into the house and off to work he went. She had payback in that no matter how old her daughter is, when she is staying with her, she cannot sleep if she is not home. The days to believe in Karma.

elizabeth said...

don't give up; light can and will come again... love to you

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