Saturday, November 03, 2012

3rd - make no mistake



I am not complaining.  Truly I am not.  But whose life am I leading?  Really.
Our Jetta was parked at the school on Monday and somebody backed into it; cracking the tail light and denting the trunk - in a fairly serious way.  We could no longer open the trunk but, the car was safe and the light still functioned.  Lame and the guy took full responsibility so it was just a matter of getting an appointment to evaluate the damage and then getting it fixed.  Oh and the appointment is not till the 13th - for various reasons - all outside of my control.

Fast forward to today.  My daughter was rear ended on a major thoroughfare - in the same Jetta.  She is safe - just shaken up - but, it finished the damage to the rear end of the Jetta.  The tail light no longer works.  Heck it is no longer in the car.  The trunk even more dented.  The most important thing is that the girls are OK.  Thank goodness we took photos of the original incident.  And now the appointment has been pushed back to November 27th.  Really?  Yes.  Again.  Circumstances outside the realm of my control.  Ridiculous from a customer service stand point.  How important in the grand scheme of things.. not so.

I started and finished The Fault in our Stars

I love John Green.
I highly recommend him and his novels.

I had the opportunity to attend :  a prelude to christmas - vintage christmas ornaments and linens and all kinds of loveliness.  Inspired and astounded at the creativity of others.

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Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Those circumstances outside of our control are often the most difficult. Glad you and your girls are safe.

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