Saturday, December 22, 2012

where things stand

it goes like this.  until I get some digs of my own... new laptop... or ipad... or whatever I can not see too many photos being uploaded... can you stick with me through the transition... using blogger through the iphone is a challenge ... I will keep working on it...

dinner tonight is roasted yams with cumin and beer

had an incident tonight that involved 3 glass bottles of cider and a tile floor that took a LONG time to clean up

did manage to decorate the sanctuary for christmas liturgy

did manage to procure the cheese which now sits in our fridge tempting us by the hour

on the flip side ... my kitchen floor is super clean for christmas

I have kind of lost my motivation for posting for #reverb12 

I got something weird going on with my left elbow... which was had a part to play in the above 3 bottle of ciders vs. tile floor.  haven't tried a push up today... wondering how that will all playout. 

everything is pretty much done save for the pyjamas I need to make... and last minute food items... sewing to happen tonight... food items tomorrow and then we are done. 

all the gingerbread has been consumed

we also have eggnog icecream in the freezer

there is some talk of snow



elizabeth said...

of course we will be with there, picture or non... blessed liturgy and soon Christmas! love to you!

Victoria said...

cumin? CUMIN?! :)

sucky about the iphone posting. and the cider. happy christmas to you through it all!

Donna Farley said...

thanks for the decorating, Ramona-- it looks great!

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