Wednesday, January 23, 2013

mid week


I am starting to breathe easier for which I am very grateful.   The feeling that "I can do this" is coming back.  Nothing like illness to knock you off your game.  Every challenge is a mountain to climb... and you question whether you have the energy in the tank to make it up the hill, when all you would rather do is lay down and go to sleep.

Had a couple of incidents present themselves at work - taking time to reflect on what went wrong - how could I have done things differently.  How much control do I have over a situation? 

Finally the fog lifted yesterday.  Now it is raining.  I am good with the rain.  The fog was getting a bit much.  Thick.  Moist cold air.  I did not like the limited visibility.

In the last 2 days I have had to pull over for 5 separate ambulances/ police cars.  That seems a lot.  Maybe because I have not spent that much time "on the road" commuting, but it is a tad bit disconcerting.

NO milk in the house this morning.  You'all know how I love that.

First day of boot camp.  Lord have mercy.

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Victoria said...

Fight, my friend Fight, fight!
I've got your back!

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