Saturday, January 05, 2013

Saturday - updated with photos

 kurt and vics

 statler and waldorf

Plans set
And changed
Due to weather
No fun shooting film when it is pouring rain
Stressful trying to keep equipment dry
So instead a home day
May hit the library
Looking for a good novel to curl up with
Anybody got a strong recommendation?

A quick trip to the grocery store with my daughter
Have not seen her for ages
I kind of feel like soup might be a good thing
Curried lentil
Sweet potato biscuits
Or maybe I will skip the biscuits and make wheat free corn bread to keep the ol' digestive tract happy
Peace out


Victoria said...

novels novels.

just bought a moveable feast. have started it. we'll see.

Victoria said...

is this your large format camera? the depth and colour are mesmerizing!

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