Thursday, February 07, 2013

sleep is not overrated

herbs in pot winter

This week is flying by.  We are busy, busy, busy.  Three papers to press this week due to the new holiday on Monday.

Last night was my 7th boot camp class.  Definitely feeling stronger.  The hour passes so quickly - I have not once been tempted not to go... because I do NOT want to go through the experience of the first class ever again. 

Slept through the night last night.  First time in forever.  I have been waking around 2am for as long as I can remember - sometimes it is a bit earlier - sometimes later but, never right through to an alarm.  I think it must be the exercise.  I am exhausted when I hit the pillow.  A good exhausted though.  Now, if only I can get rid of the dark circles under my eyes.  I feel rested.  Just look a little haggard.  I am told I need to drink more liquids.

One teen has switched to last semester.  We are through Biology and Geology 12.  This last term is all English and Literature and Dance.  Easy last semester of High School.  Spares first block.  When does she actually go to class I wonder?

There has not been a lot of talk of grad dresses...

There is much to do before the weekend but, I look forward to a good night's visit with our bestest of friends who are in the waiting game now.  Will they stay or will they go?  They may be across the country for two years...

Movie premiere on Sunday morning - my sister's animation company has their first major release.
She just came back for LA with all the big wigs.

Monday is our new provincial holiday Family Day.  The irony of this is both my children are scheduled to work. 


elizabeth said...

staying hydrated is so important... glad for all the good things; sending love to you...

Victoria said...

I'm so jealous of your boot camp! and so proud of you! how often do you go? once a week? twice a week? every night?

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