Saturday, February 23, 2013

let me tell you something... about sleep

these two 
here above 
are almost 18
and that is how long its been since I have slept through the night.

I mean going to sleep and waking up at a reasonable hour 
5:30am is reasonable as the alarm is set for 5:45

so anyways... one of the most amazing side effects of boot camp has been the gift of sleep.
on the nights I have boot camp I sleep right through the night.  I do not wake up to roll over.  I do not wake up and fight the voices in my head.

I just do not wake up.
which means that I am considerably more rested. 

which means I have way more energy... to do more things... to be engaged in more activities... to not get so easily overwhelmed... to fight more battles... sleep rocks my world.

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blackbird said...

Let me just say two things:

They are breathtaking (though they look like they might, at times be a bit of trouble).

I am exhausted just thinking about you not sleeping through the night for 18 years!

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