Monday, March 25, 2013

last year's photo
canon ae-1
cross processed
but, but had my second rose of the year today.
hillside 2010
first day of vacation
if you can call it that
away from work I say
not really a vacation but then a vacation is what you make of it
have decided to really try and stay of twitter this week
don't get me wrong
i love twitter but, I do have a tendency to get a bit distracted
and it is a distraction
there is a LOT going on
not prepared to do a total disconnect
but think that I need to pull back just a little as I am struggling with my focus
my writing is sporatic
my photo taking is hodge podge
I haven't read a novel in a VERY LONG TIME
not to go on an on but it has been a challenging time

i am grateful for my friends
for mr. w who has been steadfast in his support of the change
for my children who seem to weather the storm
for the sunshine that graced our lives today

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elizabeth said...

so sorry for the struggle. Life is full of them it seems. will light a candle for you.

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