Thursday, March 14, 2013


Everybody has a story to tell.  I know this but, it was made all that more clear to me last night.  I am still going to bootcamp and I am going for all the typical reasons:  to become stronger and leaner and to prevent deterioration of my bone density and muscles.  I have also discovered it has improved my ability to sleep more soundly and through the night which in and of itself would be reason enough to keep going.  I also do not ever want to go through the "first" class experience again.  I still work hard and sometimes do feel like puking but that is considered normal. 

I also go to bootcamp for the stories.  Every single person in that class comes with their own story - the back story to why they are there NOW.  What do they hope to achieve?    What do they have to overcome each and every day to show up.  I am humbled by those around me. 

I feel fairly confident in saying that if I had not quit my job and started this new one I would not be in this place or have met any of these people.  That boggles my mind. 

I am preparing to take a week off at the end of March.  There is lots to do before the 22nd.  I am really looking forward to a relaxed week of just hanging out with the family.  No big plans to go anywhere. 

Happy Thursday everyone.


elizabeth said...

so great that you are sleeping better... so good to see you here.

Mimi said...

Happy Thursday to you too!

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