Monday, June 10, 2013

my people

my people
my friends are leaving for Moncton
we have been in each other's daily lives for seventeen years
since our kids have been pooping their pants as Vic so fondly likes to remind them
last night was bittersweet
moments of laughter but, tempered by sadness
aware that at the end of the evening the farewell had to come
two years will pass quickly
yet there is a lot of life to be lived in that time
words cannot really express what they mean to me
a safe place to be
no masks needed
the joy and the sorrows shared equally
the dance of the ridiculous
the give and take and rolling of eyes
the knowing looks and deep sighs
wine and food shared countless days and nights
music and dancing and prayers
and while the internets shorten the distance - sharing a beer by skype does not hold the same appeal
miss you already


elizabeth said...

I've been waiting for this post as I've been thinking about you and Victoria and how big this change is. It's not easy; but I find that though it is not the same, no not at all, at least the phone and emails (Even quick ones) are something. But I miss being able to see my friends easily and in person and it really is a real change, loss, different reality.

Hang on my friend.

Lil'M said...

Heart clench

Lil'M said...

Heart clench

Victoria said...

Oh heart! Why do you have to hurt so hard?

Fresh tears

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