Friday, June 21, 2013

summer list

make popsicles:: hike the chief:: sleep in a tent in my back yard:: read 3 new novels:: read one old favourite novel:: eat cherries:: winery visit in the Okanagan:: regular trips to the library::
use the pastels:: shoot more film:: bacon and tomato sandwiches:: make jam:: s'mores in the back yard:: go to a concert:: deck sitting by candlelight:: photo walk in Vancouver:: picnic by the river:  movie at the Drive-In:: grow some lettuce:: swim:: bare feet:: sew something:: flowers in the house::

I am sure there is more.  Today is officially the first full day of summer.  Doesn't feel much like it at all.
Our neighbours to the east in Calgary are being forced out of their homes by massive flooding so the downpour yesterday seems mild in comparison.

This weekend is full. I am volunteering this afternoon at the Relay for Life fundraiser in town.  Tomorrow MEC opens in Langley.  The church needs decorating for Pentecost.  The son has his commencement ceremony.  Brunch on Sunday with the family.  Best get going.

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elizabeth said...

beautiful flowers. wonderful list. Oh, for Pentecost! the green and chance for renewed life...

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