Tuesday, July 09, 2013

post weekend

Home again.  We made the quickest trip to the Okanagan and back.  Drove Friday night.  Spent Saturday visiting a couple of wineries and relaxing by the pool.  Visited my grandparents at the cemetery and back in the car on Sunday.

My folks announced they are going to sell their house.  I am still letting the news settle.  It floored me.  I  totally understand why and I am actually surprised that I had not considered it as a possibility.  They have lived there 41 years.   That is a long time.  It sounds as though it is a mutually agreed on solution.  Both, are sadly reluctant as they will be giving up something.  But, both will also receive freedom and reprieve from their respective duties/ chores/ household maintenance.  

So there is that.

And then there is me here quietly adjusting to the fact that my son gets up every morning to go to work without complaint or nagging.  He just gets up.  This also floors me.  For so long it has been a struggle to get him out of bed to get to school.  He prefers working to school a hundred fold.  He is doing well and finding his way.  I am happy for him.  

Adjustments and fine tuning.  That is what this month is all about.


elizabeth said...

wow, that would be a big change. Time for everything. So glad for your son. Sending love to you.

Lil'M said...


Victoria said...

Go L! :)

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