Thursday, September 12, 2013

some favourites things

With a nod to BB over here for the inspiration:

I am drinking less coffee.  Chai tea with whole milk and honey is a new favourite.

I, too have put on my socks.

And my boots.   Blundstones.   But, I am on the hunt for some vintage combat boots.


And Sons of Anarchy.

Evening walks around the block with Mr. W.

Letter writing.

We have found a way to eat pasta once a week.  Chorizio sausage, basil + garlic and tomatoes .... yum.


elizabeth said...

just back from being away; thinking of you; we are blessed in many ways...

Victoria said...

pasta pasta pasta!! mmmm...

we are contemplating a lasagna this sunday for company (which we wish was you all, but alas).

of course, I must add, with ethically raised beef.

you would not believe how different this kind of meat tastes. so gamey. so different. so rich. I am content with this food choice.

blackbird said...

That last one made me hungry!!

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