Thursday, November 07, 2013


The craziest thing happened on Monday. 
I am not entirely sure why but I have a few theories.  I have been considering a new venture - joining the ranks of the self employed (not quitting the day job anytime yet) but at least opening up the door.  Stepping out into a ledge once again.  I had finally committed to signing the dotted line to to speak.  I woke upend started to develop this pain underneath my right shoulder blade.  It started to radiate forward into my chest and it became quite uncomfortable to swallow and breathe.  Weird.  I just sat there in that uncomfortable place for about a half hour and it passed.  

My day proceeded at breakneck speed.  We work many weeks in advance and so Christmas is right here on our doorstep.  We are planning projects for 2014.  We are about to switch over to new production system.  I live with two 18 year olds and there is a fair amount of drama and stress just at this particular moment.  A water main started to leak on the weekend and another copper pipe was leaking above our hot water tank - the list goes on.  

I met up with fellow entrepreneur and quickly signed my documents and headed back to office.  At about 3:30 the symptoms resurfaced but even more intensely.  I did not feel well.  I have never felt that way before.  I was having a real challenge swallowing and breathing.  The pain in my core was intense.  I stayed working until 5.  I said nothing to anyone.  I got in my car to drive home and after some deliberation I drive myself to the hospital.  My father had a heart attack when he was very young.  My sister has had a stroke when she was very young.  I know that women exhibit different symptoms.  It would have been foolish to wait or ignore the warning signs.

So after a length of time and a barrage of tests it was determined I was not under any threats to my health, by the time I had my chest X-ray to determine there were no clots in my lungs my symptoms had passed again.  

They do not know what was wrong with me and the emerg docs don't care.  In the nicest possible way.  I will follow up with my own GP but, I am thinking it was a stress induced mild form of panic attack.  That seems reasonable given all the craziness of my life.  

So.  Something new to reckon with.  


elizabeth said...

Take care. I think you are under a lot of stress.

Make sure that you are not taking on to much and that you body is trying to tell you about it ?

I had a panic attack years ago (was horrid) and it was in part that I was in a job that was not at all right for me; I took it at the time because I was scared to not have a job right away. I think that was a mistake; I did not realize at the time what job environments I was suited for; I am NOT suite for ones of high and intense pressure and deadlines. Just was not made that way.

what gives you peace? what helps you breathe and does not make your heart and mind race?

Praying for you all daily.

blackbird said...

I am so glad you went to the hospital, my goodness.
And I'm worried about I send prayers and hope you find some peace.


Victoria said...

scary! ugh!
miss you friend.

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