Saturday, February 15, 2014

Random bits

It's been so long since I have been here. Seriously not having a laptop is cramping my style.  We have had several plumbing woes and automobile woes and other various appliance woes that all mandate attention.  But, the computer situation needs to be addressed soon.  I need it for business as well as pleasure. 

I have been working hard on new venture which I still cannot reveal just yet.  My day job is also going well.  Lots of changes there too... And to be perfectly frank there is a lot of uncertainty in the newspaper business - print wise.  No point in worrying about things out of my control but a good solid plan B is probably a good idea.  

My daughter was home from school this past week and that was lovely. 

Now we are three again. 

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elizabeth said...

sorry I missed this post! I miss you here!! I am sorry for all the woes in housing/appliance/auto :(

I have been thinking of you and we are praying for you all.

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