Wednesday, March 19, 2014

a few words

In my neck of the woods there is road construction.  All of the township the infrastructure is being upgraded or changed to accommodate new developments.  This can be distracting and time consuming at times. Yesterday I drove past the actual destination I had meant to get to... because there was so much chaos on the roads I did not even recognize the street.  This lead me to take a little drive into the rural part of town.  I decided to embrace the moment and park my car and take some photos.  I only had my iphone with me at the time.  I have gotten out of habit of carrying anything else in my vehicle.  

It is pouring rain today.  Again.  I am hesitant to complain because I know spring will come but, the darkness and wet days are becoming loathsome to me.  I have done well this year.  I have battled against the darkness and can count on my hand the days that I found particularly hard.  The reality is that there was other stuff to focus on.  I am busy - I am working at breaking down my time into chunks that are dedicated to single tasks. That seems to be working.  I am less likely to get distracted by email or phone calls when I know that I will attend to them in the next allotted bit of time.

Today is a production day.  In the office for the balance of the morning.   Appointments after lunch. Nothing scheduled for this evening as of yet.   

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