Wednesday, December 31, 2014


It is cold
I am up early.
Setting the tone for the new year.
Exercise is key.
The tree is still up.
Longer than usual for me.
I am enjoying the light.
It is a small tree and it will not take long to dismantle and dissemble.
Not in a hurry.
Not sorry to say good bye to 2014.
It has been a bit brutal.
But, it has also been good to be tested.
I am old enough now to understand that it is not WHAT happens to you
how you RESPOND to what happens to you
do you LEARN?
do you pick up the pieces and move forward
how do you regroup?
We are still here.
Focused on making 2015 a better year.
Full of TRUST 
That is my word for 2015

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elizabeth said...

a good word.

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