Tuesday, February 17, 2015

finding the balance

officially past the middle of february.  unreal. time just keeps ticking ticking ticking into the future.  i am struggling to move beyond the place i am stuck. no. i am not struggling.  i am battling.  it is an active fight.  i have things i can do.  one is to start taking photos again.  do the work.  so above, you have a few photos from New Year's Eve. taken with the canon ae-1.  film.  i have a new battery for my light meter.  little things.

i am also still employed at the newspaper.  that is a very good thing. the industry is precarious at best so i am thankful for the job.  i am also working very hard at new business venture.  this will eventually allow me more time to do some creative work.  the balance is finding the time now which inspires me to do the work which in turn will give me more time to do the art.  you see?

exercise is also key.  i am back in the 5am club.  sheesh. those dues are hard.  but.it totally works.  up at 5am -  exercise.  read a good book.  write a few thoughts.  the day goes my more smoothly. overall i more productive. sleep is essential.  so priorities have to shift.  this year is going to be different.  i can sense it in my bones. onward people.  forward.


blackbird said...

It's good to see you here.

Jane said...

I've had to force myself to take pictures again...it feels good to be creative. I've been in a rut...thinking about what's next. Good to see you in this space again.

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