Monday, November 07, 2005

fear and trembling

More like trepidation. So, now many of you have discovered the W children have created their own blogs. I wasn't sure - still not entirely convinced of the value - but I can see the potential for good things. We have set some groundrules. We will practice our writing skills and use it as a teaching opportunity. Already both of them are keen to write. My good husband likes to point out the accessibility the laptop gives students. Fair enough. They also see both Thomas and myself reading and posting. Reading is always a good thing. Learning to write well and self edit are good skills to learn also.

I am concerned about self- censorship. I think is is important we guard our "tongues" or rather our " fingers". Once you write something and post it, it is there for the world to see and you are hardpressed to remove it. Do my children understand the full implications of all they say? For that matter do I?

I am also concerned about who posts to my children's blogs, so may I be so bold to ask you my community of brothers and sisters to also watch over my children with me.

If you see something that concerns you - by all means call us, (either Thomas or myself) on it. You know where to find us.


biss said...

Long ago, when I got comfortable enough with the liturgy to stop paying attention as much as I should perhaps, I watched you standing there with your kids. I'd never met you at that point, I don't think, but it was very obvious that you are an amazing amazing mother who loves her children very much.
This blog proves my point.
Thank you.

Matthew Francis said...
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Matthew Francis said...

Matthew said...

Sorry about that, I made a whole bunch of typos in my last post... so I deleted it. Oops.

You know, Ramona, there is great line in the film "Spanglish," where the Dad character says "to worry about your kids is SANITY." There is a certain kind of worrying, the kind you put in this post, that just is filled with so much sanity, and I think that's a form of love. I'd feel much the same way I'm sure, if Krista and I had kids!

I've seen "RED" and "THE EYE OF LUKE," : ) and encouraged your kids because I think blogging is just one way to keep in touch and get acquainted with potential friends far and wide...and to connect a generation of Orthodox young people in really wholesome, lasting friendships. That's my hope, anyway.

As I've proven to myself, the spelling and grammar checks are good too!

Simply Victoria said...

There is much wisdom in what you say, and I've given it much thought too.
I've found that I have to resist the urge to edit her posts, (so long as they remain respectful), in the same way I must resist the urge to edit her wardrobe choices, or at least the ensemble she constructs from various incongruous pieces. (yikes!)
So long as she is modest, Kurt tells me, leave her be.
She is who she is, after all.
But it's hard.
Subconsciously, I want to mold her in my image. Do we do that as parents? Or is it just me.
It's vicarious. You will do piano, because I never had the opportunity. You will snowboard because I did when I was a kid and loved it.
Of course, much of this is easy to discern, but I find it less easy to resist 'molding' them.
It gets easier as the years progress. Their little personalities just become too big, and start to assert themselves too strongly for me to have as heavy an influence as I may like.
But in spite of all this, it is wondrous to watch them develop as people independant from me.
Strange and marvelous.

RW said...

Thanks for all your thoughts - Victoria - I hear you - I certainly don't mean to say that all posts have to be edited but for my children it is far too easy to take the short, easy path... I don't know, I am making it up as I go. But, I appreciate you friendship along the journey.

pasivirta said...

yeah, I actually saw a post from some random guy on Red's blog and went to his and asked him to be careful, I got some flak from his readers, and while his post itself was merely encouraging the proofreading and learning process, it was his blog that...was aimed at adults. not in a terrible way, but just so that that it would really take some time to explain why he was listing as many names for his backside that he could think of. it you say...tasteless.

anyways. If I see anyone posting anything inappropriate there, they will get an electronic lashing, in a loving, stay away from these young'uns, they belong to a fiercely loving family/community, and if you do anything remotely hurtful, there will be legions of...

okay. I am getting carried away. but I'm 'here' for you guys.

and for your kids. I can't wait to get back to church, but its so good to see these kids blogs too, it makes me remember the variety that is St. Herman's.

thanks for letting them do this.

Magdalen said...

Heya there
Yes, of course we'll keep an eye on their blogs.
I'm really enjoying reading them actually. I feel saddened that I don't get to see them as often as I'd like. Once a week is far too little time to spend with such excellent people. So, I guess I'll have to settle for reading about their daily lives in between our weekly visits and monthly youth groups.

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