Tuesday, November 08, 2005

a new book

Luke and I have started a new book. This story is written by the author of the Silverwing trilogy. If you haven't read them you should. One of my absolute favourite memories is reading stories to my children. We hauled books back and forth from the public library by the wagonload. Often the same books would reappear by my bedside. The three of us - Luke, Hannah and myself would crawl into the big bed with our piles of books and read together. Luke and I still read novels together, Hannah likes the freedom of reading on her own. We miss her. Just writing these words makes me smile.

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Simply Victoria said...

kenneth oppel. I've seen his books, can't remember where.
so my boys might like him?
we're reading/listening to Eldest right now. Finally! I thought we should listen to Eragon again, just to refresh our memories, but then I ran out of patience. :P

hey, did I mention that when I googled you, I found that old contest?
I'd forgotten what a great picture that was.


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