Saturday, December 31, 2005

memories of movies past

Luke started watching LOTR and I was pulled towards the TV.... how I love these flicks. I love Sam and I love watching the relationship between Sam and Frodo. So, unbelievably good to watch.


thomasw said...

yes the best movie trilogy ever. the godfather III was ok but is the reason we can't rank that trilogy in the same ball park. though movies are different than the novels, i still love the movies as movies per se. and yea, sam, is up there as my favourite character just behind treebeard the ent.

churchmouse said...

Yea Thomas! treebeard the ent is also one of my most favourite characters. in the book, though, not so much in the movie. I was really disappointed with the screen version of the ents--especially their battle against Isengard. I feel like they completely missed the point. They had the trees "fighting" with their "arms" and "legs", whereas in the book they did exactly what trees do (crumble rock, churn the earth) but en masse and at an accelerated pace. They had the technology to portray it and if they had it would have been so much more formidable, breathtaking, and poignant that what they did.

forgive my little rant. I love the ents. The ents have also helped my parents understand the Orthodox church. I was trying to explain to my mom one day about tradition and history, and how there is change, but very slow because of the need for consensus, etc. And my mom said "I get it, the Orthodox are like ents." And since I know ents are a positive thing to her, I said yes! exactly! And was very pleased.

Tabatha said...

I love the LoTR and everytime I watch it I can't believe at what a great movie it is. Sam is incredible and like Thomas, Sam is one of my favourites.

churchmouse - What a great connection your Mom made about the Church and the Ents! I might use it one day - is that okay?

thomasw said...

you need to update, honeybunch:)

Stacy said...

Do you ever read Touchstone Magazine? Last year there was an excellent article called "Requiem for Friendship" by Anthony Eslom (sp?) that was EXCELLENT and reminds me of Sam and Frodo's relationship. If you'd like to read it I can get you a copy of it.

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