Tuesday, January 24, 2006

brain attack

A brain attack, more commonly known as a stroke, occurs when a blood vessel carrying blood to the brain is blocked. This deprives part of the brain of oxygen, resulting in injured brain cells. Stroke is a medical emergency. Chances of surviving a stroke and enjoying a full recovery are better if medical help is sought right away. If any stroke symptoms are felt, call 911 or the medical emergency number immediately. Do not wait for the symptoms to pass. A brain attack is as much a medical emergency as a heart attack.

Why do I write of such a thing? Most people who know me know that my sister Dana, suffered a brain attack whilst delivering her son Samuel Joseph in July of 2000. It was probably one of the most horrific times of her/our/their life.

One of my coworkers, who just came back from maternity leave - her husband has just suffered a brain attack. He is 48. My sister was 32.

Who knows the mind of God?

I am stunned by this news. My heart breaks at the challenges they are facing. I am flooded by memories and emotions of a time that I would rather not remember.


Matthew Francis said...

My sister Pam experienced a stroke in her early thirties as well. It is of course an extremely tramautic crisis moment. Know that we're praying for your coworker and her husband.

MommaKim said...

Ramona, I will be praying.
Unfortunately this is a very common occurence. We take many calls per day for people suffering from CVAs.

Here are a couple of web sites of signs and symtoms. Like heart attacks, CVAs are time sensitive. It is NOT prudent to wait and see if these symptoms pass. The quicker medical treatment is sought the better the prognosis.
Please immediately sit or lie down and call 911 and get an ambulance....we treat this as a medical emergency and come quickly.



MommaKim said...

ok those links didn't seem to translate well
and search signs and symptoms

kimberley said...

ah that's so hard, especially during a time when a mom needs that support from her husband.

i was on the other side of the world when our sister pam had her big stroke, followed by a series of little ones. when i came back i was so struck by her lack of mobility. she was the same high spirited girl over the phone but indeed a much older person in physical responses relearning to walk and move.

she had alot of support during that time from occupational therapists/collegues of hers that encouraged her to keep a serious regimen. swimming was especially important for her. she needed the help of her children and husband to get in and out of the pool, but wow, i am so inspired by her. she worked so hard, and miracles happened.

she said in her case it was crucial to reawaken and remind her muscles that they could NOT remain asleep, and that she needed their support for a good long while to come. those first few months were super important, she says. her handwriting has come back. she still doesn't feel hot or cold but yeah, i hope for miracles for your friends husband, and healing for your own painful memories. we are fragile beings. i hope that lots of support will come their way. let us know if we need to double caserole batches.

RW said...

Thanks everyone.

I know people can come back. My own sister is testament to that.

Simply Victoria said...

God be with them. Words fail me in the light of what I consider senseless tragedy (although I am often wrong), my prayers go out.

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