Monday, January 16, 2006

today brings

Today is my day off from my employer. While I am not working for my company. I am still working. But, it is a different type of work. I am walking H and L to school; I have church accounting to take care of; some dinners to prepare for later in the week, laundry and buying food to feed the family. I will listen to good music. I will take time to pause and chat with the people God places in my path.

Peace to all


thomasw said...

sounds like a day off of 9-5. people who don't have to work 9-5 are so fortunate:)

Simply Victoria said...

sounds like a great day. getting things done can be satisfying. I procrastinate, but then I feel so relieved when even a portion gets done.
have a grrreat time at parish council:)

RW said...

Why thank you Victoria! It should go fairly quickly.

Simply Victoria said...

fairly quickly you say?
as I sit here, plodding through early marxist writings, I look at my clock which tells me it is now 20 minutes before 11pm and Kurt still isn't home.
should I phone and nag him, as is my regular custom? I wasn't going to, but this is really late, even for parish council!

RW said...

Hey man. I was in bed by 9.15!

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