Sunday, July 23, 2006

42 degrees celcius

It is darn right hot outside. We are in the Okanagan for a few days - we will bring H and L back home with us on Wednesday. Hannah and Luke have aclimatized but Thomas and I got a wee bit too much sun today. We are fortunate in that my parents have a pool so when you get to the point that you cannot stand the heat anymore you just dive into the water. The challenge is that you put sunscreen on and then you have to wait so it doesn't just wash away when you dive in. The oil slick it leaves behind is not so pleasant either.

We are going to visit some local wineries to stock our shelves for the winter months.


I finally finished reading The Poisenwood Bible. It is a good story. It makes you think.


Simply Victoria said...

ah good! you'll be home soon.
pools are great. even if they're little kiddie pools. the heat here has been pretty gross. sitting-still-and-still-sticky kinda gross. church on sunday was so so hot. glad you're coming home. hope the wineries are good.

kimberley said...

hey ramona, that sounds nice...stocking the wine cellar for some nice occasions to come.

i was in kelowna this weekend, getting to visit my very expectant best buddy andrea; she's 37 wks pregrant. she's doing remarkably well in the heat. we spent most of the weekend in the pool too.

RW said...

We are bringing back some interesting choices - some good reds for winter drinking and a few good whites to crack open later this summer. I shall do a proper post with links etc. once we are back.

I am looking forward to being at St. Hermans - I have been away two weeks... too long.

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