Thursday, January 18, 2007

a few things

Pre-Lenten clean up time.
Some days I am overwhelmed by the amount of "stuff" we have. I take great delight in going through the "stuff" and giving it away. There is always the briefest consideration of a "yard sale" but, I really do not want to spend one of my days off sitting around chit chatting with strangers. So, in the end we just give it away. We go through the books and give them to the library. We sort through clothes and give them as hand me downs. I clean out the plastic drawer and anything that does not have a matching lid or bottom gets tossed. I really would like to know what happens to the missing piece. I mean they come home in the lunchkit in one piece... it is a mystery. I have always avoided my own clothes because they say things come back in style....But, now I am quite motivated to hit my closet.

I used to work in an office where customers could see me face to face. I now work in a place where I don't see customers in person, thereby affording me an opportunity to wear more casual or funkified clothing. My old office clothes are still in my closet. Like I would wear them now! There are a couple of suits that I will keep but it is my intention to be ruthless. I am getting quite excited about this new task that lay before me.

In fact it could easily become the project for tomorrow and derail my existing plan to tackle some accounting.


My children are eleven and they are finding their voices. They are becoming their own persons. I am enjoying getting to know their likes and dislikes. They are the yin and yang of each other. If one is doing well in a subject, the other falls off the map. This makes it challenging when they are in the same classes.


I am getting very tired of the weather. It snowed/rained ice today. I don't drive in the snow but it caught me off guard and there I was with all the other crazy people driving my 85 Honda accord in what felt like a giant slurpee. I was 45 minutes late. And a little stressed when I got to work.


I am thinking about my garden. I am looking forward to spring. When is it again?


Anonymous said...

WE have alot of "stuff" too. I can't wait to start packing so I too can get rid of the "stuff"!! My kids will be upset to see some of their "stuff" not make it back to BC :) Good luck with the clean up and the snow!!

elizabeth said...

hi; just wanted to say that i enjoyed your post and appreciate your writings here...

MatDonna said...

next year we should get everyone's spring cleaning co-ordinated and have a boot sale at the church.....

Simply Victoria said...

yeah, I sympathize with the whole 'stuff' issue. It's like a disease.
the more space you have, the more stuff you fill it with. ugh.
a yearly yard sale would be good. the only problem is where to store it until such time. most people who have just cleaned out their closets are eager to get it out of the house altogether.

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