Monday, March 10, 2008

the BIG list

Lots planned for today:

---finish first writing assignment

-groceries - need to stock up on beans, fruits, veggies, more peanut butter, big jar of tahini - none of this 200 mL of goodness..

-trip to the credit union to pay some church bills

-need new kitchen garbage can - we had a teeny one that filled way too often so we bought larger one but it is UGLY and it just doesn't fit with the design of our kitchen so today is the day I find an alternative


-clean the bathrooms

-need to find a bath product with bergamot

-book appointment for mammogram - this has been on the list for ages... but I seem to be bombarded with advertisements that women over 40 need to have them every year... I fit the age criteria.. have for a couple of years... when did that happen... I distinctly remember thinking "oh, that is not me, I am not even close to 40!"

-call my sister

-visit the fabric store - I want to sew a dress for pascha that has the look of a Jane Austin era dress...

The funny thing about these plans is that my alarm did not go off this morning. I was supposed to start writing at 8am. But, we didn't get up until 7.43 am - all of us. Normally Mr. W is at school by 7.45 - he was LATE. H and L did not leave until 8.15 - they probably got to school right as the bell rang. I had to finish all my morning kitchen duties... then I have to check my email.

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Mimi said...

A good list, enjoy!

And, forgive me, my sister.

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