Thursday, March 13, 2008

spring break is close

I live with 3 others who are filled with great anticipation of the Spring Break. All 3 have 2 weeks off starting Friday. Western Easter is celebrated within the 2 week period so I have Friday off and then the following week I have taken several days. I too, am looking forward to the break.

I am going to work in my garden. I will seed my lettuce. I am going to attempt Romaine this year. We eat alot of Caesar Salad in the summer. We are hiring someone to help with the front garden which has become too crowded and I need an expert eye to restructure the design.

We will also celebrate the 13th birthday of my children. How to mark the day? I want to acknowlege the day in some unique way. We usually have a big celebratory meal - they choose the menu and I strive to surprise them in some little way. Neither seems really interested in having a "party" with friends.

Last night we attended our first Pre-Sanctified liturgy. It was good to be there. Too much luminosity though. I told the deacon. The service is best served in the darkness with candle light.

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Mimi said...

My Dh has Western Good Friday off as well. And, we have a child with a late March birthday too!

Enjoy the time off!

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