Tuesday, March 04, 2008

not your average tuesday

It is still very bleak looking outside. Yesterday, it rained and rained and it was miserably cold. As I drove along in my old Honda - the heat blasting - trying not to fog up inside I remembered it is still officially WINTER.

They say the next few days will be more spring like... we shall see. We shall see.

My daughter is home AGAIN with a fever. I am home with her; she is coughing and sputtering. We have dispatched the Homework assignments with her brother along with a note to the teachers. I have also emailed both teachers so they will send work home with her brother and if he forgets he can go back and pick it up at the office.

It is my late day so that once Mr. W arrives home I will head to work so that I am not using all m PL time.

We watched Gone Baby Gone on the weekend. I had read the Dennis Lehane book and knew the ending but I had forgotten some of the little twists. Did the protagonist have a dilemma? I think Casey Affleck's portrayal of Patrick was weak.

I highly recommend reading the novel.

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Mimi said...

I hope your daughter feels better soon.

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