Thursday, April 24, 2008

Holy Thursday

egg photo credit here
First the list:

120 glass jars have been wrapped with red cellophane.

Lillies to be picked up today. ( They will reside in my sun room with the fireplace on to encourage them to open. Last year we kept them in the dark too long and they barely opened for Pascha. )

Shopping for cheese. This will be exciting. Also, hungarian salami; garlic roast beef; ham and butter. And eggs for dying.

The house cleaning. Floors must be done. Bathrooms too.

Coffee with my mother in law as they are just back from Arizona and are suffering from the climate change.

Then, after school - the daughter and myself have to make a quick trip to choose something to wear for the Solo dance photo for ISOBEL by BJORK - because somehow in the confusion of losing a teacher and gaining a new one this was overlooked. We have a pretty good idea of what we want.

We are also keeping an open eye for something suitable for Pascha.

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blackbird said...

Today, I love those red eggs.

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