Tuesday, April 01, 2008

where is that bag from?

I was out and about yesterday.
No cavities. Which makes me very happy. I do have a very old large filling that should be replaced with a crown sometime this year. But, we are moving on to phase 2 in the orthodontic treatment of the son. I need to focus on that first. He next consultation is Monday.

While I was out I popped into new local home design shop. They had great bags. Handbags. I love bags. But, I am painfully practical and I have a sturdy - conservative - messanger bag that is functional and funky. So, I usually end up walking out empty handed. I saw a great bag yesterday. Actually two. I have thinking a green bag would be fun for spring/ summer. This one was the perfect green. But, when I checked the tag it was made in China.

I have been thinking of China and the production of goods for a long time. I don't think I should be buying a bag made in China. Am I boycotting all goods from China? Not yet. But, we are asking more questions. We are slowly making the transistion to evaluate where are goods are coming from. From food to the dishes we eat the food on. We are fortunate we live in an area of the country where local food is abundant.

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