Tuesday, April 08, 2008

widening the circle

Monday was my day off.
I forgo the piles of laundry and the taxes to be filed and chose to drive into the city to hang out with sister. It was raining and bleak and cold. It was a good day. There is no room for self pity or complaining when you spend a day walking in her shoes. We drove to the mall. This is the fancy mall where you find Banana Republic, Michael Kors and Coach as well as Safeway and Starbucks, Lululemon and the Gap.

It was a successful trip. She picked up sliced bread and fruit and veggies and french roast. She found a lovely hoodie at Lululemon. There is no rushing about with my sister. Every movement is slow and deliberate. She walks with an obvious disability and I felt very protective of her. There were obvious stares and sighs of frustration when someone came up behind us and could not pass quickly around.

We shared a diet coke and had some good conversation.

My daughter got the word she passed her grade 5 exam. We have booked a time on Wednesday to review the results. Her Jazz teacher is not returning. So, her dance will be finished by a new instructor. A little disheartening. But, she is coping quite well. They told her the bad news about the teacher not returning and offset it with the news about passing.


jessmonster said...

I've never been to a Lululemon, but I have two friends who love their pants - one bought a pair for the other after she had a baby and doesn't have much that fits.

Sounds like a lovely day - sometimes it's just so nice to get out and do something different.

elizabeth said...

lovely. we can learn so much from others...

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