Monday, June 02, 2008

perfecting the art of procrastination

I am in fine form.
I was the master of procrastination while at University. My sister and I would often compare our techniques. I can find all kinds of things to do besides what I should be doing. Why do laundry when you can bake?

I am baking cookies. Right now. First thing in the morning. Molasses Crinkles. I am not going to complain about the weather and the fact that it is raining again. I have church accounting to do. I am in need of detergent. I have 3 bags of clothes culled from our closets, two external hard drives, and wine/beer bottles to dispense with. We are having lasagna for dinner. I have started that too. I am feeling the need to sew something.

I am happy to report that I have a rather productive day after all. The clothing, bottles/ cans, computers have been recycled. The son has been fitted for contact lenses as playing football with glasses is not recommended. I also ordered a new pair of glasses for myself - mine are 5 years old and dated.

Lasagna is in the oven.

The laundry is still ongoing. The floors are next.

My 3rd Pilates class was great. I think I am hooked. I am now trying to figure out how I can get to 2 classes a week.

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Simply Victoria said...

cookie on blue.
so lovely.
are those pilates machines?

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