Thursday, July 23, 2009

making plans and creating time

My holiday/ vacation is fast approaching. I am full of anticipation and I am enjoying the countdown. My holidays start halfway through the summer and that means that school starts in a month. July has flown by. It has been not without some stress. And when we throw in the gigantic car repair bill - we sort of blew out the summer budget. Gah. But, I am working very hard to NOT let that take over my thoughts. We will enjoy August. I am making a list of things I would like to do - not have to do - we will break away and go camping for a week. We have two more plays at Bard on the Beach. They boys will take in a football game. My daughter has a ballet camp. I may paint my bathroom.

I am also working very hard to enjoy each day as it is given to me. To roll with the events and not worry too much about tomorrow - or dinner - or the laundry.

Sleeping outside has afforded me some extra hours of slumber and I am more rested. Need to go wake up my ride.

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elizabeth said...

Yes. I am learning this too. Enjoy the present, as it is all we have and it is indeed a gift.

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