Wednesday, July 29, 2009

things I know

  • while it may be hot; dew still forms through the night leaving one feeling slightly damp upon wakening
  • coffee and peanut butter toast are mighty fine together
  • that subaru canada offers up nothing - beyond we are sorry that your 5 year old non-warranty covered vehicle needs a new engine
  • that is is going to be incredibly hot again today
  • that I am very fortunate to be working in an air conditioned office
  • that it is way too hot to eat dinner
  • that despite my reminders to bring your own blanket to the tent, my daughter still attempted to steal mine
  • that I need to go to work early today - I am running out of time
  • that I might need two more shots of espresso to start my morning
  • that one upper arm can be covered with more than 15 mosquito bites
  • that I am very tired and really need a break from work
  • that my tomato plants need water constantly
  • that I am lacking any kind of motivation to get my butt off the chair and get dressed for work


elizabeth said...

Hang in there.

Ekk about the car engine. :(

Remember to drink lots of water when it is so hot...

Mimi said...

Arggggg. I'm sorry to hear about the car engine.
And, I totally hear you about the heat.

Victoria said...

I am melting.
and waiting for friday.

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